Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Check out how I used one stencil to create 3 different projects. All with one stencil, You are going to love how easy it is to use chalk on wood, chalkboard and chipboard.

Be your own kind of beautiful is the perfect stencils to create for the spring. Are you aware that I took this stencil and added it to my SPRING porch sign. You can use one stencil to create all this projects. One stencils used in 3 different ways.The best part is you only need to …

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Learn how to add color to your flower pots

I just love beautiful flower pots. However, my budget says I need to keep it simple. Until I learned how to add color to flower pots using Crafts You Make Yourself stencils and chalk. With Crafts You Make Yourself products, I can make them look the way I want with quotes, designs, part of the …

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Make money selling your crafts

Make money selling your crafts is very possible. Craft fairs, craft festivals and of course your own craft site can be profitable if you do it the right way. As a fellow crafter, I love helping others to be successful. One reason why Crafts You Make Yourself came into being. Here are a few things …

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Creating Christmas Ornaments

Creating Christmas Ornaments, homemade Christmas ornaments,

Creating Christmas ornaments is very simple and can be done with just a few household products. Crafts You Make Yourself products can make creating beautiful Christmas ornaments a breeze. Plus you are going to love how easy they are to make. Check out the next class Each of these ornaments have chalk paste on them. …

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The Perfect Christmas Gift

the perfect gift, how to give the perfect gift, Crafts you make yourself,

Picking out the perfect Christmas gift is not easy. Add to the task to keep gift purchases inside your budget. I have a few suggestions that you are going to love, but first let’s talk about what the perfect Christmas gift would be. A gift they will keep forever. One that creates a smile every …

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Advantages of Crafting on Chalkboards

advantage to using chalkboards, DIY with chalkboards

This morning I had breakfast with my best friend Cindy. As I was eating my eggs and sausage, she said something I have failed to let other friends know about. She mentioned the advantages of crafting on chalkboards. Why would you want to chalk on a chalkboard? Even though I have tons of chalkboards, wood …

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